Everything Started in the Bathtub (2016)
1600 words
A young boy is stricken with Stendhal syndrome during a trip to New York City
Published in: The Feathertale Review Issue No. 18
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Cynosure: Volume 1 (2015)
1200 words
A failed artist pursues unconventional forms of creative fulfillment
Published in: Pulp Mag Issue No. 11
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Lot 1507 (2015)
1500 words
A parking officer reevaluates his life after a near-death experience
Published in: Thrice Fiction Issue No. 14
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Today is Your Lucky Day (2014)
1500 words
A new homeowner has a series of surreal experience with a telephone and a bathtub
Published in: The Fictioneer Winter 2015
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